Poodles should be clipped every 6 to 8 weeks.  It is recommended you continue to clip them regularly as they have been.

Make sure you are comfortable with your choice of groomer and check that they are penned seperately not together with others awaiting pick up.  Ask if plucking of ears and trimming of nails is included.

Bathing your pup should be done every 2-3 weeks to mantain a healthy clean coat. 
Always brush the coat with a slicker brush before you wash to avoid heavy tangling. Try and use natural shampoo without all the harmful chemicals towel dry them well and blow dry them (be careful not to burn them).
It is also recommended to put cotton wool in your dogs ears to keep water out and help stop infection.
Ears should be checked and cleaned weekly with a good ear cleaner and kept clear of wax and plucked if needed to help control infection.

Always look out for grass seeds getting tangled in their coats  as they can be very harmful especially in ears and eyes.

Here's a clip from Youtube on how to Teddy Bear Clip a Toy Poodle

Thanks to the Toronto School of pet Clipping for uploading the video.