Our pups are raised on good quality puppy biscuits and this is important to ensure they receive all the vitamins, protien and nutrients they require to help them grow into strong healthy dogs.

Good Nutrition can increase your dogs life expectancy.

We use a product by the name of Black Hawk Holistic Puppy Food, although its 2 times the price of supermarket brands, we find that the nutritional value far out weigh's the price.  Its found in most large pet stores .

It is recommended that you feed your pup 3 times a day up to 4 months and then 2 times a day until 6 months.  Always leave fresh water and we like to leave dry biscuits out for them so if they feel hungry they have something to eat.  Poodles only tend to eat what they require and do not over eat especially if it is always made available to them.

Raw and cooked minced meat with Vets all natural, a product called Barf are also recommended as well as raw bones such as chicken necks, lamb flaps(with fat removed), chicken carcass cut up etc.  It is recommended only to give them certain bones under your supervision whilst they are puppies.

Never give your dogs cooked bones of any type.

It is also very important to stick to what the pup has been raised on and if you wish to change it must be done gradually to avoid stomach upset.

Puppies if fed good quality dry puppy biscuits should not need milk but if you feel the need to give it milk for a little while longer it is recommended that you give them goats milk as it is the closest to its mothers milk or lactose free milk.